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White Crested Black Polish Chickens

Our White Crested Black Polish chickens are a joy to have. You cannot look at one without smiling. They are good for show, as pets, or as a backyard pleasure.

Polish chickens are a smaller sized chicken, and are famous for their large crest of feathers on their head. Hens will lay a medium sized white egg about three times a week, though some will lay more. This breed of chicken can be flighty, but, if it is handled a lot, they can be very tame. They handle confinement well and will rarely go broody.

Polish chickens are thought to have originated from the Netherlands, even though their name suggests otherwise. Some think that the name comes from the Dutch word “pol”, which means “head”. Polish chickens were once the best egg layers in the world and they only had very small crests. Then, people started breeding for larger crests and the Polish chicken slowly lost its great egg laying ability, although chickens from some strains will lay an egg almost every day.

We have both White Crested Black Polish chicks and older chickens for sale. If you are interested, please call or email us for availability. All chickens are from quality breeding lines.