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God's Glory Farm
                        Loudoun Beekeeping Company
Winter hours of operation (October-March):

By Appointment (call 301-219-3131)

Summer hours of operation (March-September):
Wednesdays from 1pm-6pm
Saturdays from 10am-3pm
By Appointment (call 301-219-3131)


Swarm Catching

Loudoun Beekeeping Company catches bee swarms for free!
If you live in Loudoun County, VA and have a bee swarm on your property, you can call us. We will come out, catch the swarm if possible, and relocate the bees.
We do not remove other insects like hornets' or yellowjackets' nests though. We also do not remove established colonies inside of walls, trees, or buildings.

For bee swarm removal call:  301-219-3131
This is how a bee swarm in a tree can look like.


God's Glory Farm offers classes on different topics for schools and other groups. We will either come to you, or you can visit us on the farm. We offer hands-on demonstrations of the topic you choose. In several classes we will use live animals for our lessons. If you wish, we will incorporate our Christian worldview in our classes.
The content of each class will be taught age appropriate by a former science teacher. Any of the classes can be taught in German as well.
Currently we offer the following classes:

Bee Talk

God's Glory Farm, Purcellville, VA bee classes
In this class we use an original empty beehive to teach you about the honey bee. We will open the hive and give you a glimpse into a colony of bees. We will show you frames with comb and honey. You will see and touch real beekeepers tools and wax made by honey bees. We will teach you all about the life of the honey bee, the queen bee, about honey production and the decline of the honey bees. We will talk about the importance of bees as pollinators of many of our foods. If you wish we can even show you how the honey is extracted from a beehive. Depending on group size and desired time frame you may even be able to try on a beesuit and a veil and light a real beekeeper's smoker.
This class usually includes a honey tasting. You will be surprised how many shades and flavors of honey exist!
Time frame: 1.5-3 hours
Cost: $299 for 1.5 hours, $399 for 2+ hours plus $1 per mile round trip
God's Glory Farm, Purcellville, VA Chicken and poultry classes

Chicken Talk/ Poultry Class

In this class we use a real chicken to teach you everything about this important farm animal and food supplier. We will talk about how to keep chickens, what they eat and what they need. We will also talk about eggs and chicken nuggets. If you wish we can teach you about the life cycle of chickens, too.
You will observe the behavior of the chicken, you will be allowed to touch the chicken and to feed it.
This class can be upgraded to a Poultry Class with a duck and a guinea hen as additional learning objects.
Time frame: 1hour
Cost: $199 (upgrade $249) plus $1 per mile round trip

Pet Classes

 This class will be taught with live animals. You can either choose one specific animal (guinea pig, rabbit, cat) to talk about, or we can talk about pets in general. We will teach you everything you need to know about keeping a pet: housing, feeding, and animal care.
You will observe the behavior of the animal(s) and you will be allowed to pet them and to feed them.

Time frame: 1 hour- 1.5 hours
Cost: $199 for one animal (upgrade $249 for several animals) plus $1 per mile round trip